HOS Newsletter – June 2024

Jun 30, 2024 | Newsletter

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Jfrog set to acquire the fully managed machine learning platform Qwak

JFrog and Qwak are uniting to better streamline the DevOps process and save organizations from being forced to use mutiple disparate tools.


New AI models coming to Amazon Bedrock

Anthropic’s new Claude 3.5 Sonnet AI model, now available on Amazon Bedrock, offers more impressive intelligence compared to its competitors, particularly in visual data processing, content generation, customer support automation, and coding tasks.


Tempo’s Shiny New Look

Tempo is launching a new integrated unified experience that makes it easier to keep your projects on track, on time, and on budget.  Read all about it here:


Cloud vs On-premises: Comparing Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning is a critical aspect of ensuring business continuity and minimizing data loss in the face of unforeseen events. Read about the comparisons of cloud vs On-Premises disaster recovery as told by Revyz here: https://www.revyz.io/blog/cloud-vs-on-premise-disaster-recovery-a-comparison

Aha+! New Improvements!

Aha+ for  Jira releases their newest improvements for Roadmaps, Whiteboards and Knowledge products, Sharing your roadmaps as interactive webpages so your team can see the planned work. Click the link below to view the other changes and improvements for Aha!


AWS Introduces New Multi-Factor Authentication Features

AWS recently put out some new updates concerning IAM users and MFA options
– You can now use passkeys with MFA for your root and IAM users, as opposed to before when the options were limited to authenticator apps or hardware tokens
– AWS has begun enforcing MFA on root users