HOS Newsletter – April 2024

Apr 30, 2024 | Newsletter

April Showers Bring May CVEs

Yes, again.  Headlining our article posts this month are more CVEs from Atlassian.  It seems like a month can’t go by before we see another CVE announcement, and/or an outage on Atlassian’s Cloud products.  What gives?!? Has Atlassian become a target? Or are they just getting sloppy?

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Security Bulletin 16April2024:

The vulnerabilities reported in this Security Bulletin include 7 high-severity vulnerabilities which have been fixed in new versions of our products, released in the last month.


Atlassian’s Team’24

April 30 – May 2, 2024

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Xray’s April Posts


Beta Launch: Generative AI powered No-Code Test Automation in Zephyr Scale

SmartBear is thrilled to announce the beta launch of no-code test automation in Zephyr Scale, starting today and rolling out to all Scale customers through the end of April. This revolutionary feature, powered by generative AI, empowers teams to automate tests directly within the platform in seconds, no coding required.

It offers Zephyr Scale users:

  • Effortless Automation
  • Intelligent Assistance
  • Streamlined Traceability

For all of our HOS Customers that use Zephyr for Jira, contact your sales rep or technical support admin for more information on how you can take advantage.  For the length of the beta program, your teams can enjoy unlimited no-code automation test runs at no additional cost!




These were released earlier in the year but we’ve found them SO USEFUL over the past few months, we decided to include them in this month’s post.

Troubled Waters Ahead – April 2024 Security Bulletin

Atlassian dropped their monthly Security Bulletin, and this one is generating some buzz.