HOS Newsletter – February 2024

Feb 29, 2024 | Newsletter

A Lot Happened in Februrary – Let’s break it all down

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February 15th 2024 – Atlassian Server Products Go EOL

Almost 3 years ago Atlassian announced their Server products were going End-of-Life. At least as far as support and updates are concerned.  Some folks are happy, some disappointed, and some disinterested. But one thing’s for sure, everyone agrees there’s probably more impactful and forced change coming with regard to Atlassian’s other products and services. And we’re not just talking about price increases.

Here are a few articles from both (all) sides of the discussion and what it may mean for their customers going forward.

More CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures) announced at the end of February

11, yes ELEVEN, vulnerabilities were announced on February 20th, mere days after Server went EOL on support. Don’t you just love conincidences?
See? Another reason you should have already migrated to the Cloud. Shame on you for thinking your server suite was still going to be usable (and Safe) after February 15th. 

Consequently, all updates are only available for licened Data Center instances. 


Major Jira Cloud Outage Results in Broken Automations

Yes, even after the Incident was reported as resolved, reports began surfacing that Automations still weren’t working. 

Here’s what our colleagues Alex Ortiz, Rodney Nissen (The Jira Guy), and Bob Wen discovered and reported as they helped the community repair and recover after this major outage incident.


How Well Do You Really Know Xray Test Management?

Probably the most powerful yet most under-utilized tool in your suite of Jira Apps.

Why, you ask? Because like most IT Professionals you probably just jumped right in without any training, guidance, or RTFM.

And the BEST bells and whistles aren’t discovered, or used correctly, by trial and error!

So…Over the coming months we’ll be focusing on how to get started the RIGHT WAY.

Let’s grow your knowledge as you evolve your organization’s testing capabilities and prowess.

  1. Documentation: Check out and Bookmark this page for future reference: https://docs.getxray.app/site/xray
  2. Training: Bookmark this page next: https://academy.getxray.app/
  3. Register and Get Started: Go ahead and register for access. You’ll need your Xray App Entitlement number. You can get this from your administrator.
    Then, as painful as you may think it will be, we guarantee you’ll definitely discover something by running thru the basics first.
    Open Xray Essentials for Cloud and let’s get started.

Tempo Updating it’s Pricing in 2024

Effective January 3rd, 2024 ALL of Tempo’s Apps (add-ons) prices are increasing.

  • Data Center app prices will see an average increase of about 15%.
  • Cloud app prices will rise by about 10% on average.
  • Custom Charts Products are no longer free at the 1-10 user license level
  • A 60-day grace period is extended to existing customers as long as you stay in the same tier and get your quote by the due date.

Final Thoughts & Take-Aways:

At the end of the day, Tempo has great products, at any price. Let’s just hope they can ease into what seems like quarterly double digit increases as the world tries to find stability.

For more information: https://www.tempo.io/blog/introducing-tempos-updated-pricing-for-2024