Pre-migration To Do’s

Dec 1, 2023 | HOS How-To's

Are you ready to migrate off of Jira Server?

Pre-Migration To-Do’s:

1.Jira Cloud and Server applications have a completely different architecture. All plugins that are being migrated to cloud will need to be completely rebuilt.

2.Remove unused custom fields. Too many custom fields is one of the largest performance killers in most Jira instances. You can check the usage of all custom fields, delete duplicates, re-use them across all projects, and review the custom field configuration.

3.After migrating rules from automation for Jira Server to Jira Cloud you may have to reconfigure your rules. Statuses, Issue types, fields and custom fields will not map out correctly and those rules will need to be reconfigured.





4.Test your workflow.                                  Check if status and transitions make sense. Experiment if an issue ever gets stuck at a particular step in the workflow and that also helps you determine if the workflow is working properly. Different issue types may be associated to a different workflows. Double check if every issue type is assigned to the correct workflow. You may have a team member go through the workflow and can provide feedback.

5.There are three different types of licenses in Jira Server and Data Center: Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Management. To create an issue in any project a license is required, unless it’s a Jira Service Management issue. Customers can create issues without a license in the Jira Service Management Portal. There are many ways to audit your Jira Instance, the ultimate goal is to identify users who are active but do not use Jira in a way that they are required to have a license. You will need assistance from a Jira Administrator to help you make more assertive decisions on revoking licenses from users.