Agile and Cost-Effective Support Services

Flexible Value with no Expensive Long-Term Commitment

Agile and Cost-Effective Support Services

Sign up for “Just the Essentials” prepaid bulk hours and receive:

5 Service hours/week, that's 260 hours/year

All Services at the same inexpensive rate

A Dynamic rate that changes with your needs

No Long Term Commitment

For Only $750/month or $7,500 if prepaid annually

Example #1 – You’re a Startup

  • Whose just discovered the wonderfully productive Atlassian Suite
  • Doesn’t yet know all the Industry Best Practices
  • Doesn’t have the budget to hire full-time resources

Solution – Get Just the Essentials

  • Spend the $750 / month, month-to-month to get 5 inexpensive hours per week that you can use for anything
  • Get top-notch Consultants that have advised Fortune 500 companies and avoid the mine fields that come with growing a company on your own
  • <$35/hr is an easy investment in your company’s future that could result in a 10-fold ROI in a very short period of time


Example #2 – You’re Established

  • You’ve had an Atlassian suite for awhile but it was implemented “grass roots style” and now every project is unique and there’s no standardization
  • Your IT expert, who was also your Atlassian “administrator”, has just left your company and no one knows how to customize or fix things
  • Your instance was a Wild West implementation and now you have too many expensive add-ons that are outdated or don’t work like they did originally.

Solution – Call in the Cleaners

  • For $750/mo you’ll get your 5 cheap hours plus a gradually decreasing rate for any hours over 5 per week (See Chart Above)
  • Use your “Fractional Atlassian” to consolidate all of your similar project’s schemes so all your teams can work with the same workflows, the same terminology, and with the same max efficiency!

Agile & Dynamic Rate (weekly)

1hr to 5hr



6hr to 9hr


10hr to 19hr


20hr to 29hr


30hr to 39hr


40+ hours


Example Month

Week 1

5 hours worked

You’ve already paid

See you next week!

Effective Hrly Rate: $34.02

Week 2

9 hours worked

First 5 are already paid

4 x $135 = $540

Effective Hrly Rate: $79.23

Week 3

29 hours worked

First 5 are already paid

24 x $105 = $2693

Effective Hrly Rate: $98.83

Week 4

40 hours worked

First 5 are already paid

35 x $75 = $2625

Effective Hrly Rate: $69.95

Week 5

36 hours worked

First 5 are already paid

31 x $90 = $2790

Effective Hrly Rate: $82.31