What’s New: Tempo Timesheets for Server v11.6.0

Jun 27, 2021 | Jira Addons

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What’s New

Version 11.6.0 • Released 2021-06-05

Tempo Timesheets for Server 11.6.0

Bug fixes

This release is fixes several bugs in Tempo Timesheets which improve reporting performance and overall usability.

  • Fixed: Selecting the first account from the drop-down list in the Logged time report is ignored.
  • Fixed: Unable to scroll down to the end of the list in the Team view list.
  • Fixed: Jira header overlay covers part of Tempo Timesheet pages.
  • Fixed: Improved performance to prevent large Logged time reports from crashing when attempting to load, while users scroll across the pages.
  • Fixed: Opening the Log time form with the + icon in the Time tracking section, opens the Jira Log Work form instead.
  • Fixed: Clarify REST documentation to indicate that account links can only be created/updated using the Account Links endpoint.

Should I Update

Yes. If you use Tempo reports to manage your business, the bug fixes will be very welcome. Running large reports can be extremely frustrating when you don’t know if it will run or crash, so that fix alone is worth the implementation if you have been having the issue. Improving the user experience also helps keep your team using it.

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