What’s New: Page Tree Creator Pro v8.0.3

May 31, 2021 | Confluence Addons

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What’s New

Reference Link: Release Notes 2021-05-31 (eps.ch)

New Features

With Version 8.0.0 EPS Software Engineering AG combined the functionality of two of their offerings into one add-on.  Page Tree Creator and Space Tree Creator became Page Tree Creator Pro and include the ability to either user macros or menu entries to edit and create pages.  

Version 8.0.3 fixes some bugs identified after the migration. 

Bug Fixes

There were three bugs fixed on this release, including:

  • Dropdown values are now migrated successfully
  • Multi Dropdown values are now migrated successfully
  • Placeholder Macros inside a new Template Macro have correct format option after editing Template Macro

Should I Update

Maybe. The fixes are useful if you are migrating dropdown values or using macros, but 8.0.0 was a major change in the application and it is likely there are additional bug fixes coming soon.  If you don’t have a need for the specific fixes, hold off until the next release.

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