What’s New: Configuration Manager for Jira Server v6.8.1

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Jira Addons

Who Wants to Know

Jira Administrators

Version 6.8.1 • Released 2021-02-12

New Features:

  • Option to change the ranking strategy
  • Compatibility with Jira 8.15 and Jira Service Management 4.15
  • +Bug fixes

The Headliner New Feature

Just like clockwork and true to form, Botron always has something new every month for us admins to use for our deployments and/or migrations. For this month’s newest feature Botron has added an option that allows us to change the ranking strategy during the deployment. Cool, huh?

But why would you do this and when?

First, we need to understand ranking. Ranking is the order of issues in your Jira instance and it’s a Global setting. Meaning, if you have issues ordered by one method in one board, they’ll maintain that method in all other boards.

Normally, when you create a snapshot in preparation for a deployment, Configuration Manager exports the rank values for all the issues based on each ranking field. Then, when you deploy the snapshot, Configuration Manager assigns new ranks to all of the imported issues based on these exported values. By default, Configuration Manager for Jira updates the ranking for all fields on the target instance based on these exported values. Once the import and ranking updates are complete the subsequent issue indexing will run much faster.

To the New Feature

As of v6.8.1, Botron has added an option in the General Settings called “Do not lock the Lexorank table when ranking issues during deployment“ that allows you to change the ranking method during the ranking phase of deployment.

When you enable this feature, Configuration Manager will not lock any rows in the Lexorank table during the issue ranking phase of the snapshot deployments. Then, issues can be ranked manually during the entire deployment process.  There is a small chance that two or more issues could be assigned an identical rank but this problem can be fixed by manually ranking any of the conflicting issues in Jira after the deployment is finished.

Should You Update?

Yes, if…

  • You haven’t updated since 6.7.2 due to the Security Patch
  • You recently upgraded Jira to v8.15 or Jira Service Management to v4.15
  • You need to unlock the Lexorank table so you can rank issues during deployment

Has it been awhile since you last updated?

Here’s a synopsis of updates, in REVERSE chronological order, that you may have missed over the past 3 months.

Version 6.8.0 • Released 2021-01-21

New Features:

  • Improvements to memory usage when deploying large snapshots
  • Overlapping email channel settings are handled during deployment
  • +Bug fixes

Version 6.7.3 • Released 2020-12-23


  • Fixes to security vulnerabilities
  • +Bug fixes

Version 6.7.2 • Released 2020-12-05

New Features:

  • Binary snapshots
  • Handling of function parameters in JQL queries
  • Compatibility with Jira 8.14 and Service Desk 4.14
  • +Bug fixes

Version 6.7.1 • Released 2020-10-26

New Features:

  • Project key size check during deployment
  • Improvements to selecting filters/boards/dashboards during snapshot creation.
  • +Bug fixes

Version 6.7.0 • Released 2020-10-06

New Features:

  • Selective Merge for users and groups
  • Deploy a snapshot from Jira’s file system
  • Support for new/omitted system fields in JQL
  • Migration of ranking for multiple ranking fields
  • Support for JSD-specific items in JQL
  • Power Admin 1.7.0
  • + Bug fixes

Why This is Useful


When is this useful?

When doing small deployments on a large live instance.

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