What’s New: Learn for Jira

Sep 10, 2021 | Jira Addons

What is it?

Version 1.2.7 • Released 2021-08-03

Adaptavist has created directed training which can be accessed from your Jira instance that only costs you the license costs of the add on.

Who Should Know?

Jira Administrators

Managers of teams using Atlassian Software

Should I Install this Add on?

  • Security Based: no
  • Fix a Critical Function: no
  • Useful to my Admins: YES
  • Useful to my Users: YES

What can you learn?

The add on comes with courses for beginners, power users, and administrators covering a variety of topics including but not limited to:

Jira for Beginners
Jira for Power Users
Jira Software for Beginners
Jira Software for Scrum
Jira Software for Kanban
Jira Administration

What else can you do with it?

Admins can restrict who can use Learn, and what they can see within it.  Progress can be tracked and learning paths created.  You can also create and administer courses to show the specific courses and modules within the course that work for your users.   

Why This is Useful?

Ramp up your new employees faster with training materials in the software they’re learning!

Easily accessible training without the high cost:

The training is maintained and updated by Adaptivist and you only pay the license costs of the add-on.  Anyone you identify as a user can access the training directly from Jira.


The add on allows you to customize the courses with your own training modules and edit the courses to only present the information that your learners need.

    Skim the Page Legend
    GREEN text = Good Stuff
    RED text = Very Important Stuff
    DD="Drill-Down" for more details and How-To's!