Addon Update: Xray Test Management for Jira Server v5.0.5

Sep 9, 2021 | Jira Addons

Who Wants to Know

Jira Administrators

What’s New

Version 5.0.5 • Released 2021-08-27

Bug fixes
This was a fairly basic bug fix release for Xray.  There are four bug fixes included in this release. 


JQLfunction changes

Two were JQL related and addressed an issue where the JQLfunction was not including all environments, making dashboards with the Overall Requirement Coverage gadgets to return incorrect results. 

Test run fix

The next fix addressed an issue where instead of considering the latest created Test Run for non-final statuses, Xray was considering the last execution.

Traceability Report Fix

This last addressed an issue specific to the Traceability report where “Load more” still showed after the user clicks “Load all”. 


Should I Update

  • Security Based: no
  • Fix a Critical Function: no
  • Useful to my Admins: YES
  • Useful to my Users: Yes

Why This is Useful

JQLfunction changes

If you are using the Overall Requirement Coverage gadget in your dashboard and have a multiple environments, it was not specifying the selected environment in its test results.  This fix makes sure that the environment you specify is the environment data you see in the dashboard. 

Test run fix

This issue meant that Xray might not execute the expected Test Execution.  The change ensures that Xray is using the latest created Test Run for non-final statuses instead of the last executed test run. 

Traceability Report fix

Users running the Traceability Report would see “Load more” after selecting “Load all”.  Clicking “Load more” just duplicated the results.  The fix changes this to “stop loading”. 

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