Addon Update: Adaptavist ScriptRunner for JIRA Server v6.31.0 to v6.32.0

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Jira Addons

Who Wants to Know

Jira Administrators

What’s New

Version 6.32.0 • Released 2021-08-11

New Script Field
They’ve added a new script field called Custom Picker, which you can use to set up a field which allows users to pick values from a list.

Using this custom picker, you can pick a Jira object such as a Version, User, or Component when you want custom selection criteria that are not available when using the native field types. Or you may want to utilize it when picking from a list that can be searched using a REST API.

New Workflow Functions
They’ve also added a Copy Fields Values Post Function and a Linked Issues Condition to give you more built-in workflow functions that don’t require coding.

Various Bug Fixes

Should I Update

  • Security Based: no
  • Fix a Critical Function: no
  • Useful to my Admins: YES
  • Useful to my Users: no

Why This is Useful

New Script Field:

Because it’s a Custom Picker field to set up a field that allows users to pick values from almost any list. It is similar to the Database, LDAP, and Issue Picker script fields, but it is not specialized for any particular case. DD:

New Workflow Functions: 

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