Vets and Tech

Mar 7, 2023 | Veterans

Vets and Tech: Blogs written by Veterans, for Veterans


    What do most veterans do when they get out of the service? From personal experience, I can say most of us have struggled with this. It’s a weird place to be in our lives trying to adapt back into the real world. The military was an organized structure and system where you always know, what to do and the part you play in it. The thought of being free is something that most service members dream of but when it happens our minds are in total chaos and havoc from the freedom of decisions we can make on our own. This is something foreign to most military/veterans.

    Most of us go to school as a way of finding our sense of purpose back into society and even that can be a difficult transition. We find that our experience, age difference, values and more are all challenged with this ever-changing landscape in the United States. However, some of us do find our path and purpose or ways to continue to serve our communities. Some of us (including myself) found technology as a way back into service and having a sense of purpose. Everyone makes fun of how the infantry can only get into paramilitary type jobs such as being a police officer, firefighter and the alike.

    What not all people realize is that the infantry have a pool of skills that companies are seeking throughout the world. Companies have realized that these veterans and servicemembers come with leadership skills and the ability to stay cool calm and collected in high stress work environments. Veterans have a talent of finding solutions and they can improvise, adapt, and overcome nearly all situations or obstacles thrown at them. Technology firms and the companies who understand this can benefit greatly from hiring veterans. High Order Solutions have identified this by being veteran owned and operated.

    The tech world has many benefits, including the pay, but where do you find the brotherhood you once had when you were in the military? We have it here at HOS. Something veterans hate is being micromanaged. The civilian world does a great job at micromanaging people and vets do not like this. This not only kills off productivity but will make anyone want to leave. Remember that freedom we all have? We now have the freedom to leave. There are no contracts holding us at a job anymore. (Unless you’re working for the government. Please don’t bail out on a government contract.)

    We play by the big boy rules here at HOS and the majority of the company are veterans. We all understand the importance of our part and the mission at play. It’s a great feeling to find a sense of belonging and the relive our young glory days when we once upon a time donned on a United States military uniform.